Karola Karlson is a writer and creative freelancer based in London (+ Paris + Tallinn). Her writing surveys ecophilosophy, deconstructivism, animism, and forests.

She’s a frequent contributor of short stories and literary criticism in Estonian literary magazines Looming and Sirp. In April 2023, Karola received the Young Author Award 2023 by Looming.

Karola studies Creative Writing (MA) at the Royal Holloway, the University of London & is working on a non-fiction book that explores individual and collective layers of the human-nature relationship.


Review of Made Luiga’s “Väike tekstimüür” in Looming, March 2024 issue

Review of Jan Kaus’ “Vaade” & “Kolm punkti” in Looming, April 2023 issue

Review of Annie Ernaux’ “La place” in Sirp, March 3, 2023 (link)

Review of “Eesti Novell” in Looming, August 2022 issue (link)

Review of Anni Kytömäki’s novel “Margarita” in Sirp, October 14, 2022 (link)

Short story “Pool kaks” in Looming, November 2022 issue (link)

Short story “Roosiaed” in Looming, May 2022 issue

Review of Jenny Offill’s Weather in Sirp, March 25, 2022 (link)

Based in London, UK.

Can be contacted via the form below or at karlson.karola[@]gmail.com.

karola karlson